The Practice, The Firm

After nearly two decades, and a realization that the A.G. Edwards culture had disappeared, I left the large firm sector to join a firm where I'm free from proprietary products and programs that may serve the firm first, and I'm free to put your interests first

When you become a client, I care that you are happy, not some distant ivory tower occupant.

In 2015, as rate hikes loomed, I re-evaluated the entire methodology that the industry had put forth.  I didn't like what I saw. 

So, I set out to build a higher quality process for you, based on the real data, not potentially spun news stories, generalized myths, nor firm conjured notes. 

It is based on gathering and distilling data from original, reliable sources, combined with comprehension of how investment environments evolve and behave. 

The resulting portfolios are the product of the highest demand for quality of input and interpretation. 

I strive for maximum technical proficiency and maximum investment efficiency.

I am an Independent Financial Advisor at Summit Financial Networks, a region of Cetera Advisor Networks, which is a National Independent Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. 

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