Target Efficiency & Productivity in Your Portfolio, 

Like You Would in Your Business, Endowment or Family Office.  

  • Your "Portfolio" is what helps get you to your plan goal.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Efficiencies can be differentiating tools in your plan to thrive.
  • Inefficiency can lead to increased time to your goal or even goal failure.

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- Many advisor teams put generic plans first, anchored with generic portfolios.

-You deserve the "Portfolio First Process" as your solution.

- The plan here, is to not only to succeed, but for you to exceed.

Click Now, because a Proof-by-Loss Event could have lasting effects.

 It's easy.  You simply start the process in one of two ways:

  1. Start with one account, then expand & plan as you're comfortable,
  2. or Take this please, and do that with it (Yes, this is a common result).

 You're invited: Take Positive Action & Put the "Portfolio First Process" to work for you now.  Click & put your "Portfolio First".  (All contacts are no obligation)

- I'm confident that you'll find this to be the most unique, high quality investment process, comfortably beyond your local broker team. WealthStack EDGE Event 2023 Guest Speaker


Celebrating the 27th year of serving clients nationally.




It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do;  

We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.




-Steve Jobs,



Apple Co-Founder and former CEO

When You Start,

You go out and live your best life.

Your Process is Managed For You:

The Portfolio First Process is a System of Investment Efficiency for Individuals and Instututions, Based on Refined Data, Math, Risk Discovery & 26+ Years of Industry Experience and Institutional Exposure.

In my 27th year, I've yet to see a process of this degree.  It's available for you simply by clicking below. 

All portfolio adjustments are heavily scrutinized for the highest quality standards of reinforced, data based, deep conviction decision making.

The Data Difference  

Founded on Data Distillation: The quality sourcing, screening, and catagorization of global business, economic, and technical data.

The Infrastructure Difference

Exceptionally fluent, experienced data interpretation is paramount and focus is on Global Economic & Technical Factors as they relate to risk identification and investment behavior for the purpose of portfolio construction and advisory.

The Process Difference

Your plan includes a taylored dynamic, multi-asset investment system, designed to be risk appropriate and opportunistic through all cycle phases with efficiencies well beyond static buy and hold.

Keeping it simple, I do this for you.

Data Focused • Critically Thought • Investing

Your visit today is greatly appreciated.  I thank your outreach in advance and feel stongly that it can be your plan's game changer.

Best regards,

Patrick T Bulger

Leaders/Delegators, You know the drill. Click & Call, Because You Deserve This Level of Process.

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