Newsletter October 8, 2023, Different This Time?

October 8, 2023                                                                                                                                 

A Data Brief from a Distilled Perspective

By Patrick T Bulger            

Different This Time? 

A Current Condition Speed-Read:

The data interpretation is as follows:

                Over the reality that will be the next few quarters, speculation can always trade higher, but it should never be confused with a sustainable prudent investment plan with a goal of efficient growth maximization over time.

7 negative revisions in a row to monthly headline Jobs numbers.  Tune in to see What?

Weekly claims are up year over year.

Bank Sheet Unhealthy.  High rates pressure.  Currency pressure. 

Real Estate showing cracks of concern.

Production broadly seen as contracting.

Passing peak of inflation, yet seems to still be a positive number.  Oil Spike 2.

Fed hikes as a focus.  The repeat talk of "Landings"...

Hikes are said to work with long and variable lags...

Yield curve moves.

Leading indicators.

Earnings Negative.

A Global Deterioration Majority.

**Now, is viewed as the imperative time of the cycle for you to be most prudent with your serious capital as the potential, for highly negative results, appears to be rising in possibility.

These are the times when a misallocated portfolio could damage your plan results.  

The goal is for you to be profitable through what is viewed as normal, declining, end of cycle data.

Find out how portfolios are being positioned and why.

For Leaders and Decision Makers Who Delegate,

Reach out for a complimentary check-up that could be valuable to your view, process and future.


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