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November 14, 2023,                                                                                                                   

A Data Brief from a Distilled Perspective

By Patrick T Bulger   

No-One Ever Sees It Coming

A Special "F"inancially SYSTEMIC Addition, #2

Let Us Just Review for a moment,

                Outside of a small number of publically traded names, I don't see anything, “Robust”.

                As you read the details from this and the addition #1, ask yourself, where's the Robust?

I hope you enjoy:

2019 July, Deutsche Bank Had Issues, with talk of Bad Banks, Toxic, and Derivatives.

2019 September, we had a REPO issue, related?

2019 Q4 continued to appear as declining economic data.

2020 Q1 and forward saw COVID, Global Supply Issues, Lock-Downs, and the beginning of helicopter Money

2021 China Developer Defaults began.

2021 Saw a continuation of capital given to the public.  Many in Narrative-ville, called it economic growth.

Here you witnessed it being compared to gasoline on a camp fire, there's nothing but a camp fire under there.

                And now the gas bill is DUE.

2021 Q4 December saw the biggest one week flattening of the yield curve in years.  It preceded a bad 2022.

2021 Q4 into '22 Everyone's favorite “COIN” saw it's high and began to fall from the 65,000 area to the 16,000 area.

                Where's the “Store of Value” there?  I still can't find it.

2022 Q2 saw Luna and Terra, supposedly stable, become visibly unstable.

2022 Q3 saw activity from the Swiss National Bank and Bank of Japan at the borrowing window.

                This went on to become the end of Credit Suisse, along with currency intervention from Japan, and

issues with UK Pension Holdings.

2022 November the letters FTX became popular in the headlines.

2022 December, This Newsletter, "The Distilled Perspective", Highlighted the coming Bank issues, 90 days prior to the events.  See the top of this page under Latest Custom Content, first link, next: Sign up below.

2023 Has been marked by bank issues of March to May that featured Silicon Valley Bank.

2023 Q3 and into Q4 have seen a few low key bank issues, yet a large number of, “turn in keys”.

As referred to in the last Perspective release yesterday, the bad parts of real estate are not positive for the already stressed banking system, hence the title, SYSTEMIC.

When you glance globally the macro-economic condition, from this highly detailed opinion, is beyond bad.  

This gives the appearance of time to Pay Attention, Properly Prepare, and Buckle-Up Butter-Cup!

I'll continue to tune into what I feel is FAR more real to your portfolio and

directly effects your quality of Life, Goal Attainment, and Efficiency of Positioning.

I take a view, based on the hard work of deeply refined data.

Transform & simplify your investment plan's potential with an exceptionally efficient process,

as inefficiencies could be costly.

Find out how portfolios are being positioned and why.

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